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June 25th, 2023

Welcome to the Official PFRC website! We are super excited to move forward with our brand and start helping more and more people become a happier, healthier, and more confident version of themselves. My name is Andrew McChesney and I am the Head and Co-founder of ProFitnessRunningClub, we are group of young men looking to become better individuals through fitness while also inspiring the people around us to be better. We are all Gen Zs, THE softest generation ever in the existence of human history. Our lives have been easy, no required war to go fight in, technology advancements that have made us too comfortable, and our lives are generally just easier compared to just 100 years ago. We want to rewrite the story for Generation Z and help everyone challenge themselves to do better through fitness and become a better version of themselves as they grow up. Especially for men, it is crucial that we are always challenging ourselves to be better individuals. Continue to look for more blog posts and make sure you are following our instagram @profitnessrunningclub!

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Andrew McChesney
Andrew McChesney
Jun 26, 2023

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