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June 27th, 2023

Our slogan is "STOP SCROLLING, START RUNNING". We want our generation off of their phones and onto roads/trails and in the gym. The average screen time in the US is 7 HOURS according to Cross River Therapy's statistics on screen time. This is absolutely outrageous and extremely unhealthy, the negative side effects, especially in children, according to the Mayo Clinic are the following:

  • Obesity

  • Irregular sleep

  • Behavioral problems

  • Impaired academic performance

  • Violence

  • Less time for play

It is extremely vital for not only children but us adults as well to get outside and get sunlight and to move our bodies because our bodies are meant to move.



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Jill Christensen, C. N. P. (2022a, June 8). Children and too much screen time. Mayo Clinic Health System.

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