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The Highs and Lows of Training for a Marathon

July 18th, 2023

I have been training for my marathon since March of this year, but this week marks the beginning of my official training for the marathon, I am 4 months out from my November 5th Marathon and I am struggling to stay consistent with both running and lifting. I just recently incorporated lifting 5 days a week with my 7 days of running. Managing all this while trying to build an online course, build a business out of this, and studying to be an insurance salesman is overwhelming. I always get caught up in this idea that I can always be doing more and even on the days I work for 10 hours on the website, studying, reading, and running/lifting, I still feel that I didn't do enough, and on the days I don't get everything I want done, I am left feeling like I will never accomplish all of my dreams and aspirations. It is a blessing and a curse to feel like I am never doing enough, on one hand I have this drive and passion for working extremely hard all the time and then on the other I feel that there is no true "finish line" and I will never reach where I want to go because there will always be another mountain to climb. I find myself putting a lot of pressure on myself to always be at my best, and I usually let myself down because I always think I can be better no matter what I do. I can work for 23 hours in a day and only sleep for one hour and still think I could have not slept and worked for the full 24 hours, not that I have ever done that but you get my point.

Anyways, I am trying to be more consistent with my blogs, IG and Tik Tok posts, and I want to start posting weekly training videos on my youtube, also my newsletter as well.




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