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How to Build a Habit

July 25th, 2023

When you first start running or lifting, you have to start small and easy. You can't just go out and start running 10 miles everyday. You have to start small with 10 minutes a day or even 5 minutes. You have to build the habit of doing something by making it fun at first, not a burden. If you make the mistake of going too hard too quickly, you will lose motivation and you will give up really easily. If you want to start out in the gym or running, you have to start small and easy and here are some examples of that.

Let's say you want to start running every single day, make it your goal that you run for at least 10 minutes every single day, it is attainable realistic goal that can be accomplished, you can run for longer but never shorter than 10 minutes. If you want to get started in the gym but haven't ever gone. Just go 2-3 days a week either do one upper body and one lower body workout per week or do push pull legs 3 days a week. Don't go super heavy on the weight right away because you will get injured easily and then you will never go back to the gym ever. Building a habit is tactical, don't be stupid about it.

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