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August 31st, 2023

I currently am starting a new job and I am struggling to adjust to my new schedule, trying to balance running, lifting, working, building a personal brand, and stay consistent is extremely difficult. But if it was easy it would not be worth it.

I want this brand to mean something but I also want to succeed in my career. It's hard to balance two different things like that while also running and training for a marathon. Knowing that if I want one of these things to work I have to go all in on one of them. I can't though because I am not in position to be unemployed grind out social media in hopes of growing a massive brand through online fitness coaching, it is extremely difficult. I just got started in insurance sales and I want to kill so after work every night I am training for sales, I am watching tons and tons of videos from guys like Andy Elliot and Alex Hormozi, taking notes and practicing how I talk on the phone and getting ready to make some real fucking money.

I am stuck for sure, I am doing better mentally and more clear on what I want right now but I will say that I wish I could just do one, but I am so far into building this brand and I have already sunk some money into this, making a real thing, I can't give up and I fucking won't but I know if I went all in on insurance sales, I would be the fucking best. I am always gonna lose to a guy who is doing online fitness coaching/content creation and a guy that strictly does insurance sales all day long because I am split between two things. Long term I have this amazing vision for PFRC, like I want to change lives and help the true definition of masculinity come back in today's crazy world.

In order for me to do this though I have to sacrifice 3 things: Time, Capital, and Energy. I have to sacrifice time with friends, I will lose time sleeping, I will lose a lot of time doing these most 20 year olds do. I will sacrifice a lot of capital aka money with investing into training whether it is for content creation or sales training. You spend money on training to learn from people's mistakes so instead of taking 10 years to learn, you can do it in 1 year. Most importantly, Energy, I am tired man, but this is what I wanted, a stressful life trying to build a better future. You may say that I am not like other 20 year olds, but I am not special, I don't think I am better than anyone else, I just know what I want so I am gonna go get what I want no matter what it takes.

But this is the cost of success. Late nights, early mornings, very few friends at times, feeling overwhelmed, but all these things are what I want because the hard things pay more, you don't get rich by doing easy shit. I want it all but I want it now which is my flaw. I need to fall in love with the journey, EMBRACE THE SUCK! But you must sacrifice a lot for this shit, and I haven't even done anything yet.

My name is Andrew McChesney, I failed out of college at 19 and now at 20 I work a full time job in insurance sales, a career people spend 4 years in college trying to pursue a degree for, I am no one special, but I am that motherfucker, I am him.



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