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Our Mission

In 2023, ProFitnessRunningClub was founded when a group of individuals decided to turn their shared interests into an official Fitness Group. After a couple of quick meetings, we were on our way to creating something extraordinary. We are a group of young men passionate about making a change not only in our lives but in the ones around us and the people around the world. Our generation, Generation Z, have things too easy and we all live too comfortable of lives. Constantly getting cheap dopamine from scrolling on our phones all day, drugs. and alcohol. It is our duty to our friends, our loved ones around us, and the people around the world to inspire them to take a positive change in the their life and change their life forever, so once you are ready to take the next step, join our PFRC training programs and become a happier, healthier, more confident version of yourself today!With time, we’ve grown into a more serious and mature organization, allowing us to take our interests to new levels. When you decide to join us, you too will gain access to various events and, more importantly, to a community of people who are just as passionate as you are.​Are you ready to change your life forever? Join us and this will be the best decision of your life.

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